Berlin Throw Hat in the Ring to Host 2024 Olympic Games

August 27, 2014

Berlin are set to compete against Hamburg to lodge a bid to host the 2024 Olympic Games, it was revealed.

Germany’s two biggest cities will go head to head next month as both cities present their concepts for the 2024 summer Olympic Games.

The city of Berlin confirmed on Tuesday that it will proceed with a bid to host the Games, pitting Germany’s capital against Hamburg, which has also thrown its hat into the ring.

Both cities will unveil their concepts and answer a questionnaire from the German Olympic Sports Association (DOSB) on September 1, before a decision is made on December 6.

“I am confident we will answer those questions well,” Berlin mayor Klaus Wowereit said at a press conference on Tuesday.

Following the presentation of the cities’ plans, there will be a vote for all citizens in both cities.

“After that there will be a vote for all Berliners to decide. We want the widest possible support in this,” Wowereit added.

The DOSB is also yet to decide not only which German city will be put forward for the summer Games in 10 years but also if it will submit a candidate for the 2028 summer Olympics.

Bidding for the summer 2024 Games starts next year with a decision due to be made in 2017.

Berlin last hosted the Olympics in 1936.

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