Belgium Splits Broadcast Rights for Elite Soccer League

June 13, 2011

Belgium soccer’s elite Jupiler League has divided the broadcast rights to the live games between cable and IPTV, with contracts going to Belgacom TV, who previously owned the sole rights, Telenet and VOO.

On Friday, June 10, Telenet and VOO managed to acquire a number of exclusive pay television rights to broadcast the competition during the next three seasons. This allows Telenet to present the top three matches live and complete per match day on its Prime Sport channel, while VOO will broadcast it via the premium sports channel of its BeTV bouquet.

Telenet claimed that it is very pleased that, after six years, it is once more able to offer its customers the best and most important matches in Belgian soccer.

The total paid for the matches is around US$238.7m for the next three seasons, $14.38m more than the current amount Belgacom TV is paying per season.

In a statement, Belgacom regretted the fact that the Jupiler League is now split up between two operators and, as a result, customers wishing to see all matches will now need to buy subscriptions to two different operators and have two set-top boxes on their TV.

Duco Sickinghe, CEO of Telenet, said in a statement: “Our customers have repeatedly told us directly that they would appreciate it very much if Telenet too would broadcast the Belgian football competition. For that reason we did our utmost to satisfy their demands, and financially we made an effort not only to acquire a number of Belgian football rights, but will also offer top-class international football as well on Prime Sport.”