Anti-piracy Belgian Pro League LaLiga

Belgian Pro League Aided By LaLiga With Anti-Piracy Tools

October 28, 2019

LaLiga are helping out the Belgian First Division as both leagues attempt to tackle one of the biggest problems for sports leagues and broadcasters, illegal streaming.

Piracy is a major problem in sport, with LaLiga utilising a number of different tools to challenge the issue, so they are partnering with the Belgian league to share these offerings in order for both to benefit from the system.

Emilio Fernández, the Head of Content Protection at LaLiga, said: “I am happy with the relationship I have with the likes of Google, Facebook and YouTube. I think they collaborate with us. Maybe they can do more, sure. But I am happy with the way that I can find a video and they remove it more or less immediately. With social media we can find more videos of course, but I am happy. For me, the problem is not social media.”

“Today we have all the tools for blocking, but we don’t have the law,” said Fernández. “I would like to have a law for it to be faster to block IPTV and illegal streaming.”

Anti-piracy Belgian Pro League LaLiga