Behind the Scenes Win Olympic Hospitality Contract

August 15, 2013

Behind the Scenes (BTS), ambulance a San Diego-based catering and events company, diagnosis has been awarded the contract with NBC to manage the culinary and logistic needs of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games in Sochi, medstore Russia and the 2016 Olympic Summer Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

BTS will feed almost 4000 members of the media and corporate sponsors, providing over 12,000 meals every day, at the majority of the venues to be used in the two upcoming Olympic Games.

Sochi will be the eight Olympic Games project for BTS, who will establish their own secure supply and distribution network, for both Sochi and Rio, to guarantee the quality and safety of the products used.

The company provides hospitality services, logistics planning, health and safety management, and staff hiring and training. BTS typically employs over 500 local and culinary experts for many of their projects.

John Crisafulli, President of BTS, said: “We are excited to have been awarded another contract from NBC for the next two Olympics.

“Our background, experience, and quality reputation within the Olympic movement continues to grow. BTS’ talented culinary team provides innovative cuisine, but it is our attention to detail and flawless execution that sets us apart from the rest. We know we will provide the most exemplary catering service Sochi, Russia has ever seen on an Olympic scale, under extremely challenging conditions.”