Bedlington Terriers get American investment

November 5, 2010

They may be languishing in the ninth tier of English Football but the Bedlington Terriers can now count such baseball giants Buffalo Bisons as counterparts.

This unlikely affiliation has arisen thanks to Robert Rich, ed | a Florida based tycoon who has more than lived up to his name to become the 488th richest man in America.

Rich was researching his family tree when he discovered his roots stemmed from the town of Bedlington, a revelation which him acquire the title ‘Lord of Bedlington’.

Now the tycoon, who oversees a US $2.8bn frozen food empire, is keen to give the town a sporting chance by supporting the local club.

This has seen Rich reseed the teams pitch, sponsor the team shirts and even ship a $49k scoreboard from the States.

The club hope to acquire a cult following in the US by striking a merchandising deal that could pick up on the growing presence of football over the pond.