Bayern CEO And President Hoeness Attack Big Spending

January 20, 2012

Bayern Munich has urged UEFA to introduce tough sanctions for clubs who violate new rules on spending.

CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge said it would be “a total disaster” if European soccer’s governing body fails to act.

“It’s now time to finalize everything because clubs have to know what is happening in case they break the rules and that is very important.

“The rules can’t be on a very low level because then you have nothing.”

Rummenigge, anabolics who also chairs the European Club Association, illness called for Platini to remind clubs of their fiscal responsibilities.

“He, as a president and coming from France, maybe should remind certain clubs that the rules are running since July 1”.

President Uli Hoeness has also had his say on Europe’s big spenders.

He mocked Inter Milan’s Champions League final defeat of Bayern Munich in 2010 in light of the Italian club’s 69 million-euro ($89 million) loss the same year.

“I would not be happy if I win a Champions League like that. If I win a Champions League, I want to be in profit.”

He also poured scorn on City’s purchase of Serio Aguero and claimed the club were offered the player for 15 million euros ($19 million) during Felix Magath’s tenure four seasons ago. Aguero joined City for £38 million ($59 million) in July 2011.

“Those are prices we would normally never do”.

His most stinging attack was directed towards Manchester United’s owners.

“Before Mr. Glazer bought Manchester United, he didn’t know there was air in the ball.

“That’s not something that I accept. His target is making money. I would accept Mr. Glazer immediately if he says ‘OK, the price of Manchester United is 800 million pounds ($1.2 billion). That’s my money, my risk and now we are working.’

“But what did he do? He bought the club and said ‘OK, I don’t have the money, how can we finance it?’ That’s something that I never accept”/

Hoeness also made a dig at wealthy benefactors, like Roman Abramovich at Chelsea and Sheikh Mansour Manchester City, before saying that he would rather a benefactor than a Glazer.

“In this moment, will he [the wealthy owner] one day say now I go on my ships and I buy pictures and so on? But if you say which option [Glazers or benefactor], you want to have I would say I take the guy from Abu Dhabi.”

A spokesman for Manchester United, Philip Townsend, issued this retort.

“Hoeness has a right to an opinion, but results over the last seven years speak for themselves and Manchester United is in a healthy position, both on and off the pitch.

“The Glazer family have been integral in boosting the club’s revenues, which have seen United become world leaders in the breadth and depth of our commercial partnerships”.