Bates Buys Leeds in Bid to Resolve Ownership Allegations

May 5, 2011

English nPower Championship soccer club Leeds United has announced that its controlling stake is now owned by Ken Bates after consistent political and media pressure to reveal the club’s ownership

Bates, formerly the owner of Chelsea, has denied owning FSF Limited, the company that has owned Leeds since 2007 after the company took over at Elland Road when Bates had put the club into administration.

The Guardian, banned from Elland Road for questioning the club’s ownership, reported: “Bates had said he and [Patrick] Murrin were the owners of the club as holders of the two management shares in FSF. But he later said he had made an “error” and that there were in fact 10,000 shares in FSF with undisclosed owners.”

A statement from the club, attempting to resolve the confusion, read: “There has been much speculation in the media as to the ownership structure of Leeds United and its compliance with the relevant regulations of The Football League and The Football Association.

“The speculation has been further fuelled by the coverage of the Football Governance enquiry and the political obsession with the ownership of Leeds United. Both the Football League and the Football Association have confirmed that the current ownership structure of Leeds United complies with both their regulations.

“The scaremongering arising out of the football Governance enquiry has not been helpful and, whilst the Board were always confident that there were no issues, recognise the concern the unknown outcome of any Premier League questions, may have on our Members.

“To address this issue and in the hope that this brings an end to the speculation, the chairman, Ken Bates, has completed the purchase of FSF Limited for an undisclosed sum. FSF Limited is now owned by Outro Limited which is wholly owned by Ken Bates.”