Barca Reveal Losses But Insist Being Most Financially Solvent Club in Future

June 10, 2011

Barcelona’s vice-president of finance, stomach Javier Faus, allergy has claimed that “the most financially solvent club in the world” within the next three years despite revealing an annual loss of Eur21 million in the latest set of financial accounts.

Faus reported that the club’s gross debt has been reduced from Eur532 million to 483 million and the net debt has been cut from Eur431 million to Eur364 million. The club’s turnover was Eur420 million for the last financial year, viagra buy but costs reached Eur441 million.

Faus acknowledged that there was still a lot of work to do to improve the bottom line of the newly-crowned UEFA Champions League winner, adding: “We want to decide our future and to do so we must reduce the debt to acceptable levels. There has been great effort, which will continue over the next two years, to reduce this debt. Barcelona lost Eur83 million last year and Eur21 this year, and we can’t afford to continue losing money.”

Faus added that Champions League-related revenues had increased from Eur39 million to Eur62 million thanks to Barcelona’s 3-1 victory over Manchester United in last month’s final, but reward payments for winning Europe’s top club competition also reached Eur28 million.