Bahrain Grand Prix Definitely Going Ahead says Ecclestone

February 23, 2012

Formula One supremo, Bernie Ecclestone has said the Bahrain Grand Prix is definitely going to ahead. 

Formula One teams and sponsors have no concerns about racing in Bahrain this year and the grand prix is definitely on despite continuing unrest, the sport’s chief Bernie Ecclestone has said.

Anti-government demonstrations and the deaths of many protesters a year ago forced the cancellation of a race that had been scheduled to open the season.

Last week’s anniversary of the ‘Day of Rage’ saw sporadic clashes between locals and police who were forced to combat petrol bombs with rubber bullets, stun grenades and tear gas.

The violence, however, was not enough to deter the island kingdom from proclaiming they are ready for F1 to return, with the grand prix just eight weeks away on April 20-22.

Tickets finally went on sale for the event on Monday, operating under the slogan ‘UniF1ed – One Nation in Celebration’.

Although it is understood there remain misgivings behind the scenes, asked if there were any concerns, Ecclestone said: “Not at all.

“Nobody is saying we’re not going or we don’t want to go or anything. Everybody is quite positive.

“I’ve told all the teams there’s no problem at all. I’m absolutely 100 per cent sure we’ll go there and there will be no problem.”

Ecclestone, however, does believe the Bahrainis will take extra precautions when it comes to security and guaranteeing the safety of everyone connected with F1.

“I am sure the people there will make sure, just in case there’s a problem. I am sure there won’t be a problem,” added Ecclestone.

by Ismail Uddin