Axxess Pharma to Sponsor NASCAR Driver Cole Whitt at Phoenix International Raceway

By Community | October 28, 2014

Axxess Pharma Inc.,a specialty pharmaceutical and nutritional supplements has announced, through its wholly-owned subsidiary, AllStar Health Brands Inc., that it will sponsor NASCAR driver Cole Whitt’s race car in the November 9th NASCAR Sprint Cup Series Race.

The driver’s car will prominently display the logos of and TapouT, as well as promote the TapouT’s Muscle Recovery line. The race will be held in Arizona at the Phoenix International Raceway. Next month’s NASCAR Sprint CUP series race will be televised by ESPN and is expected to have an audience of at least 8.8 million viewers.

“We are also extremely pleased and honored that has elected to highlight our unique Turbo Blend Protein Powder and also placed the first order for the product,” said Dr. Daniel Bagi President of Axxess Pharma. “We believe some of the unique aspects of our protein powder factored into their decision, such as the fact the Turbo Blend Protein Powder uses an organic whey blend, is gluten-free, and has added L-Carnitine, iron and Omega-3 Fish oil. will now feature the full line of TapouT supplements and pain relief products.”

For Axxess Pharma, this is the latest promotional venture the company has taken with Nutritional Products International, a Global Sales and Communication firm.

“This is a major milestone in building awareness for the TapouT brand as we continue to drive sales towards other online and big box retailers,” said Mitch Gould, Nutritional Products International CEO and Axxess Pharma’s United States sales and marketing partner. “We have put together several promotions but this by far is one of the most exciting. Like a race car full of 93 octane, we are putting the pedal to the medal for promotions, much like we have with such celebrities as Steven Seagal, Hulk Hogan, Ronnie Coleman, and Chuck Liddel.”