Average Ticket Prices in English Football Fall by 2.4%

September 12, 2013

Average ticket prices across the top four tiers of English football have fallen by 2.4% according to a BBC Sport report.

The annual study includes ticket prices of 164 clubs in the top 10 divisions across the country, case with the report indicating that prices in the four main categories had been reduced for the news season.

The results impressed Sports Minister Hugh Robertson, tadalafil but he also said reductions should have occurred earlier.

“It is good news for fans but it does come after a long period of incremental rises year on year,” Robertson said to the BBC.

“The key thing is that it is replicated in years to come. I think clubs are beginning to understand what fans are going through and to adjust their prices accordingly.”

The survey showed results from five leagues in England, four in Scotland and the Women’s Super League.

The 2012-13 report showed that the cheapest tickets in English football had risen by 11%, but this figure is now down, with a drop in Football League attendances attributed for the rethinking of ticket prices.

The biggest fall was of 2.4%, with an adult season ticket falling from £344.63 ($545.18) in 2012 to £336.23 ($539.81)  in 2013.

The most expensive adult season ticket fell by 1.6% and the average cheapest adult matchday ticket was down 1.9%.

Arsenal remain as the most expensive ticket in English football, where a category A adult ticket can cost up to an eye-watering £126 ($199.31).

Manchester City boast the cheapest adult season ticket in the Premier League at £229 ($362.25), whilst Arsenal can demand up to £1,955 ($3,092.79).

According to the BBC, Football League chairman Greg Clarke said three-quarters of Football League clubs had either reduced their ticket prices or kept them at the same level as last season.

“I think this is a case of clubs responding sensibly to declining living standards in what has been a challenging economic period,” he said.