Australian Cricket Governance Sees Radical Changes

August 17, 2012

Cricket Australia is to seek three independent Directors following an historic CA Extraordinary General Meeting decision today to modernise Australian cricket’s governance.

The EGM voted to replace CA’s historic, price state-based Board of 14 Directors with a new, ed nine-person Board with three independent Directors and one each appointed by the six State Associations.

The six State Association appointed Directors will be: Wally Edwards, pills John Bannon, Earl Eddings, Dr Harrry Harinath, Michael Kasprowicz and Tony Harrison.

The nine Directors making up the new Board will take up their new roles effective from CA’s 25 October Annual General Meeting.

Chairman Wally Edwards said today’s decision was the biggest change in Australian cricket governance since CA was founded in 1905.

“Australian cricket needs a governance that the modern sport deserves as a highly-professional, major player in the global sport and entertainment arena,” Mr Edwards said.

“The outgoing governance served the sport well, as our long-term record in community participation, on-field international performance, and winning a place as a part of our national identity over the decades shows”.

“But we are no longer a group of stand-alone states seeking to collectively organise international cricket matches – we are increasingly thinking and acting as one unified national sport facing increasing competition for the public’s attention and support”.

The changes CA’s EGM approved today follow an Australian cricket governance review by David Crawford and Colin Carter that recommended a smaller, independent board.

Next steps will be for a CA nominations committee consisting of Wally Edwards, Cricket Victoria Chairman Geoff Tamblyn, South Australian Cricket Association President Ian McLachlan and eminent business leaders Don Argus and Tony Hodgson to identify and recommend three independent directors to join the CA Board.

The new Board will meet for the first time on 26 October, the day after CA’s AGM. Each Director will have one vote except in the case of a deadlock in which case the CA Chairman will have a casting vote.