Atos Unconcerned by Glasgow 2014 Prostests

By Community | September 17, 2012

Plans to remove Olympic worldwide partner Atos as a sponsor of Glasgow 2014 have been put in place, due to the French IT firm’s involvement in cutting the benefits bill.

During the Paralympic Games, hundreds of disabled protestors gathered outside Atos’ UK headquarters in central London.

Atos have received a £100million contract from the government to carry out the controversial tests that deem whether claimants of incapability benefits are ‘fit to work’.

The company are set to provide Glasgow 2014 with software to accredit as many as 50,000 athletes, officials, media representatives and volunteers, as well as supply results systems, medal tables and the Games website.

Sean Clerkin of Citizens United has condemned the sponsorship.

“Atos are not a fit and proper organisation to be part of the Commonwealth Games, so there will be protests,” he said.

“Atos should be dropped completely as a sponsor.

“They’re just profiteering on the misery of disabled people.”

It is unlikely that the campaign will succeed, as Glasgow look likely to stand firm amidst a wave of protests.

A Glasgow 2014 spokesman said: “As a worldwide IT partner for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games, Atos has demonstrated unwavering commitment to driving forward the Paralympic Movement by providing dedicated practical support to athletes for the last 10 years.

“We’re very proud to have global IT experts Atos as part of our family.”

Having been propped up by the support of International Paralympic Committee President Sir Philip Craven, as well as LOCOG  Chairman Lord Sebastien Coe, Atos seem unfazed by the commotion.

A spokesman for the IT firm said: “While we fully respect people’s right to peaceful protest and understand this is a highly emotive issue, Atos is proud to be an official supporter of the Glasgow 2014 Organising Committee.”