Atos Predicts Radical Vision for Sport Technology in 2020

By Community | July 24, 2012

Atos have announced their dramatic vision for the future of the sport industry in 2020 with the launch of ascent at London 2012: a vision for sport and technology.

The international IT services company and World Wide IT Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic Games have set out how technology will change the sporting experience of athletes, asthma viewers from home, fans in the stadium and event organisers.

The unique study is the latest edition of the ascent thought leadership program and it predicts some truly radical changes.

Atos predicts that viewers in the future will be able to see the action through the eyes of the athlete, acting as his or her own director. They also predict that viewers at home will have the power to step virtually onto the pitch.

For the fans in the stadium, Atos believes that smartphones will allow spectators to order food and avoid queues, have an extra screen so they will feel as though they’re in the first row and be able to share their experience in real-time with friends and family.

The athletes of 2020 will be able to train smarter, change their tactics whilst competing thanks to smart clothing and get spotted by talent scouts or secure more lucrative sponsorship deals.

Giles Grapinet, Senior Executive Vice President, Global Functions of Atos said: “The technology and sport landscape has been changing at an unprecedented speed. Having been involved in every Olympic Games since 2002, our team of business technologists has witnessed this change first-hand.

“As Worldwide IT Partner for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, we have the responsibility to think one step ahead and help our clients do the same. 

“Innovation is part of the Atos DNA and when it comes to the Games, we are very clear about what innovation truly means.

“This latest edition of ascent supports our vision of how technology’s new possibilities can power progress for the Games, providing a pan-industry view to help our clients create the Firm of the Future through our commitment to innovation.”

Guest editor and award-winning author Simon Kuper added: “It was a great pleasure to edit this special edition and meet the Atos Scientific Community, who are visionaries in their field.

“I look forward to watching London 2012 with new eyes and seeing how some of the technology developments we foresee in the magazine may become reality by 2020.”

Ascent at London 2012: a vision for sport and technology was produced as a special edition magazine for the London 2012 and Paralympic Games.

The study is designed to help the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and International Paralympic Committee (IPC) make key strategic decisions and anticipate challenges.

Contributors included IOC President, Jacques Rogge, London 2012 Chairman, Sebastin Coe, CEO of the IPC Xavier Gonzalez, President and CEO of Sochi 2014, Dmitry Chernyshenko and Head of Platform Partnerships at Facebook, Christian Hernandez.