Athletes In America Take A Stand After Latest Violent Incident In Country

August 27, 2020

Last night, numerous games within sporting leagues across the United States were called off following boycott’s from players to protest racial injustice within the country amid the latest episode of police brutality.

Starting with the Milwaukee Bucks’ intention to not play their NBA playoff game against the Orlando Magic, this caused a chain reaction around the league, with all three playoff games scheduled for last night postponed.

News of this decision went to the MLS who opted to postpone five of their six fixtures on the night, the only game taking place being Orlando City FC at home to Nashville, which was already underway when destiny of the other five games was decided, with players reportedly choosing to continue the match after half-time for the fans in attendance.

In the WNBA all games were also called off with the Western and Southern Open tennis tournament doing the same after Naomi Osaka’s decision to boycott her fixture.

Meanwhile in Major League Baseball three matches were called off, however in the NHL all of its projected games went ahead, with a moment of reflection beforehand.