ATB Financial Title Sponsors Curling’s Canadian Masters

By Community | November 21, 2012

ATB Financial has become the title sponsor of curling’s Canadian Masters which will now be hosted under the new banner of the 2014 ATB Financial Canadian Masters Curling Championship, Mar. 31 to Apr. 6.

Daryl Wilson, the branch manager at the Coaldale ATB, said the sponsorship was a natural fit considering the sport is so popular in the community.

“We saw it as a good opportunity to profile, not only the Town of Coaldale, but curling in general.”

ATB Financial’s sponsorship and the hosting of the Masters will also lead into the development of two junior curling scholarships, a legacy from the event.
“Maybe we can extend this into more years,” said the championship co-chairman Roger Hohm of the scholarships.

Although the Masters is a national curling competition, the local committee anticipates most of the spectators will be from the Coaldale region.

“Curling is one of those big Canadian sports and a big Southern Alberta sport,” added Hohm who is co-chairing the Masters with Larry Taylor.

Lana Walsh, who is sponsorship co-ordinator, said having ATB Financial sign on as title sponsor is a big relief and gives the committee a springboard as they move forward generating additional sponsorship for the event.

She said having a title sponsor in ATB fits in with the focus of the Masters which includes community involvement and a youth aspect.

“This is a great way to showcase sport and recreation,” she added.
She said hosting the Canadian Masters in Coaldale is also a good way to show how curling really is a sport for all ages.

Hohm said having a title sponsor in place this early in the planning should help the event come together more quickly. Walsh agreed and hopes it will also attract other sponsors to the event now that a major sponsor has shown their support for the Masters in Coaldale.

It came as no real surprise to the committee that ATB Financial has come on as the major sponsor. Hohm said the committee had discussed who would be a good fit for the event in Coaldale and ATB Financial was a natural choice.
“It’s very important for us to be out there,” said Wilson.

Not only will ATB be providing financial support for the event but it will also be promoting the event, serving as a ticket outlet for the Masters and providing volunteer support.

“That’s just what we do,” said Wilson.
Volunteerism is a big thing for ATB staff and he said he has no doubt staff members would be signing up to help with the Masters even if the bank was not the title sponsor.

“We don’t even have to ask.”

Walsh said the committee wants ATB to be visible at event and to gain from their sponsorship partnership with the Masters.

“We want to give back to the Branch,” she added.

Wilson said the staff are excited to be involved in the Canadian Masters.
“We have some curlers here.”

Hohm said two staff members had already signed up as volunteers at the committee level before ATB Financial became a sponsor.

Walsh said the host committee is targeting the first three months of 2013 as its time frame for locking down the additional sponsorship needed to host the Canadian Masters. They would like to involve sponsors in both the 2013 and 2014 Coaldale Granite Club’s curling seasons including having their company names and logos visible at the curling rink.

“It’s starting to get exciting,” said Hohm.