AtaHolding Extend Sponsorship Deal with International Wrestling Federation

September 27, 2011

AtaHolding, an Azerbaijani investment company have added to their sponsorship agreement with the International Wrestling Federation (FILA), which will run from 2013 to 2017. 

Baku is where AtaHolding is headquartered who have been the main sponsor of FILA since 2008 when they signed a four-year sponsorship agreement but this has been extended so that it will now include both the London 2012 Olympics and Rio 2016 Games where the sport of wrestling is on the programme and gains most attention.

The agreement was signed by FILA President Raphaël Martinetti and AtaHolding chairman Farid Asadov and involves various competitions such as the World Championships, World Cup and the European Championships.

Asadov said: “Sponsoring of the International Wrestling Federation by the AtaHolding will improve further the image of our independent state in the world and strengthening its international authority.On the other hand, an Azerbaijani company’s participation as sponsor of an international sports organisation is an indicator of Azerbaijan’s economic development, the increase of its power and the formation of strong national companies.

“AtaHolding considers the issue of support of sports as part of its policy on corporate social responsibility. Signing of this agreement is another clear indication of our attention to this area.”

Martinetti, FILA President, said: We express our appreciation to Azerbaijani company AtaHolding. The agreement between AtaHolding and FILA is a great contribution to the development of wrestling around the world. We express our deep gratitude to the management of AtaHolding for the care and attention displayed to this kind of sports.”