Aston Martin Sign Lucrative Deal with TSV 1860 Munich

September 19, 2011

British sports car manufacturer Aston Martin have secured their first ever sponsorship of a soccer team by announcing their partnership with German football club, TSV 1860 München

The contract, initiated by Hasan Ismaik, major investor and chairman of the club’s supervisory board, represents the most lucrative sponsoring deal that 1860 has ever had whilst in Germany’s 2nd Bundesliga. The contract is valid with immediate effect and will extend beyond the current season into the medium term. The team was already sporting the emblem of their new sponsor at their match against FSV Frankfurt on 18September 2011 in Munich.

The cooperation between TSV 1860 München and Aston Martin was made possible by Hasan Ismaik. “I am very pleased with the partnership as it shows that Aston Martin, a premium brand with a long history and great tradition, recognises 1860’s great potential. Together, we will lead the club to success,” he said.

For TSV 1860 München, this is yet another milestone on the path to a promising future set out by Hasan Ismaik since his investment in the club in May. At that time Mr. Ismaik announced that he would help 1860 to set a new benchmark in professional football with finding a highly reputable sponsor for the club. The new partnership between the long-established Munich club and the luxury car brand Aston Martin shows that Mr. Ismaik is delivering on his commitments and paves the way for the club to rejoin the top ranks of professional German football.

For Aston Martin, the cooperation with TSV 1860 München represents its first ever foray into the world of sponsoring professional soccer.