Asics Plans Experiential Venue to Accompany ’12 Olympics

March 14, 2011

Asics, cialis the sports performance brand, has announced plans to accompany the London 2012 Olympic Games with an experiential venue and reinforce its sporting associations by encompassing a strong brand presence around the event.

Despite not being an official sponsor of the Games, the brand is working with communications agency Imagination, to develop ‘an immersive and engaging experience’.

The Asics Olympic venue will host customers, partners and guests during the Games but will not be located in the surrounding area of existing Olympic venues, after it was announced earlier this week that strong measures would be put in place to protect official sponsors of the Games.

The proposed measures will only be implemented on a small area around the venues, and only around the time the events are taking place.

The company is also working with 180 Amsterdam, on an advertising campaign to run during the Olympics.