Asian Cup Qatar 2011 mascots unveiled

November 12, 2010

A five-member family of mascots for the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011 was revealed at a glittering function at the Aspire Park in Doha on Thursday.

The mascots are Jerboas, medstore a rodent found in the deserts of Qatar. The characters are named after different locations in the North, pills South, medical East and West of Qatar.

The launch of the mascots put the preparations of the AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011 into top gear following the launch of countdown clock, tournament logo and physical ticket sales.

The characteristics of the mascots represent the spirit and values of the host country as well as the tournament itself.

Zkriti, father of the mascot family, is named after the Zekreet area in the west of Qatar while the mother – Tranaa – is named after the Turayna area in the south of the country.

Their eldest daughter, Freha is named after the Freha area in the north of Qatar while the first son Saboog is a common name for Jerboas in the Arabian Gulf, and is associated with speed.

The youngest son in the family, Tmbki is named after the Timbic area in east of Qatar.

The AFC Asian Cup Qatar 2011 will be played between 7 and 29 January, 2011.