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Asean OTT live streaming platform Sportsfix acquires rights to Bangladesh Cricket Home Series matches

August 23, 2017

Sportsfix, the new Asean OTT live streaming sports platform, has acquired the rights to Bangladesh Cricket Home Series matches.

The first big Home Series for Bangladesh is a Test Series against Australia, the first Tour of the current number three ranked team to Bangladesh since 2006. The visitors are prepared for a hot wicket at the end of Bangladesh’s hot summer, with the first match set to take place later this month.

Marcus Luer, Executive Chairman and Founder of Sportsfix, said: “We are thrilled to add Bangladesh Cricket to our line up of top Sports from across the region. There is a large Bangladesh Community across South East Asia, who are as passionate about their Cricket team as anyone you have ever seen.

“At Sportsfix, we want to fuel that passion and bring LIVE sports action to groups which are previously forgotten or underserved by mainstream broadcasters. We know how to reach this audience through our Telco partnerships in the region.”

A.S.M.Rafiq Ullah, Chief Executive Officer of Content Matters Limited, said: “We are delighted to bring Bangladesh Cricket to our countrymen and Cricket lovers living in South East Asia and looking forward to working closely with Sportsfix to deliver the best of Bangladesh Cricket to the region.

“The Test Series against Australia has been in the making for many years and it’s finally happening. We can expect a hotly contested match by both teams. Valuable ICC Ranking points are on the line.”

In Malaysia, the Test Series will be part of Sportsfix’s offering through Celcom, in conjunction with the telco’s new product “ASIA PASS” which is targeted towards Overseas Foreign Workers in the country and offers a combination of IDD minutes, high-speed internet and domestic minutes.

Bangladesh Cricket OTT