Arsenal tickets top £100 for non-corporate seats

November 23, 2010

Soccer’s first £100 (US $150) non-corporate ticket will go on sale next year, with prices to watch England soccer club, Arsenal reaching the threshold due to UK VAT rises.

It will come as the VAT levy on tickets goes up by 2.5 per cent, to 20 per cent, making the most expensive ticket at the Emirates stadium £100.60, including postage and booking fee costs.

Furthermore, the cheapest season ticket to watch Arsenal comes in at £893 (US $1,421), a sum which could buy four home passes at Blackburn Rovers, while fans would be left with more than £300 (US $478) spare if they opted for a year-long pass at reigning English Premier League champions Chelsea.

‘A £100 ticket in the present climate is ridiculous. It is proof that football is not living in the same world as the rest of us,’ said chairman of the Football Supporters’ Federation Malcolm Clarke.

‘The game has more money going into it than ever before and it is not helping fans.

‘Football is no longer a game that is readily accessible to all sections of the community.’ He said.