Argentina and Uruguay Unite For 2030 Bid

August 4, 2011


The Uruguay and Argentine Presidents have given the thumps up on the 2030 bid to co-host the FIFA World Cup by the two countries.

The bid will be fully promoted by Argentine Christina Fernandez and Uruguay’s Jose Mujica along with cabinet members and soccer leaders.

Uruguay will value the staging of the bid in 2030 as it marks the centenary where they first won the competition in the inaugural World Cup in 1930 beating potential co-hosts Argentina 4-2 along the way. President Mujica believes their sporting rivalry will be set aside and mutual cooperation in all parts of the bid will come together.

“For too many decades we have lived with our backs turned to each other in Latin America, always looking toward Europe, always admiring what’s far away,” Mujica said, according to The Associated Press. “Now the time has come to take notice that our future will be determined with our neighbours, that we suffer from the same difficulties, and that we escape them together or not at all.”

The bid wasnt the only thing signed between the two parties with a real emphasis on sharing natural resources and working together in business.

These included the creation of a shared natural gas project in Uruguay, a commission to foster shared business investments, the redevelopment of railroad connections and the construction of a new international bridge across their shared Uruguay River.

President Fernandez added: “One of the keys is not only dialogue and integration, but also association, because being a member helps all sides win.”