Architects Bid to Redesign Tokyo 2020’s Potential Olympic Stadium

October 31, 2012

Architects across the globe have submitted plans for a redesign of the Kasumigaoka National Stadium with ambitious designs developed of what will become the centrepiece of the 2020 Games if Tokyo’s bid is successful next year. 

The Japan Sport Council has selected a total of 11 out of the 46 entries for the international design competition to update and remodel the venue in preparation for Tokyo’s Olympic and Paralympic bid along with the 2019 Rugby World Cup, when it is due to host the final. 

Japan was the first Asian country to host the Games in 1964 and the stadium featured then. But it has since been targeted for redevelopment and if the 2020 Olympic Games bid is successful it could be transformed into a contemporary masterpiece. 

Among the competing firms are Zaha Hadid and Populous from the UK who both had parts to play in the construction of the Olympic village in Stratford, London. They will be competing with companies from Australia, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Turkey to redesign a Stadium that will become famous around the world if Tokyo beat rivals Istanbul and Madrid in the race to host the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics. 

Tadao Ando, the chairman of the jury who drew up the shortlist, said: “As it has come time for the National Stadium to be rebuilt after half a century from its creation, we have called for ideas from near and afar with the hope of realising an architecture of the finest quality that embodies the technology and intellect of our present age. 

“We have since received numerous ambitious proposals in response to our call.” 

There are several structural challenges to overcome such as the narrow space available to build upon. Zahid Hadid’s plan for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium has the same wave like roof that she designed for the London 2012 Aquatics Centre and looks particularly impressive among the other bids.