Andy Murray Sponsorship Prospects Rises with US Open Win

By Community | September 12, 2012

Andy Murray’s triumphant win at the US Open win is likely to bring in major new sponsors for the Tennis star according to experts.

Since clinching his maiden Grand Slam, within weeks of nabbing an Olympic gold, Murray’s stock has risen ever higher amongst both British and international audiences, making the bouffant tennis champ a natural choice for commercial sponsorship.

Murray is estimated to have raked in around £14m in prize money throughout his career so far but this is expected to swell alongside income from his personal company.

This venture has allowed Murray to coin £6.4m in sponsorship, merchandising and appearance fees over the past 12 months and with his star never higher that figure is likely to more than treble.

Murray is already sponsored by watchmaker Rado, sports brands Adidas and Head, car maker Jaguar and RBS with more set to follow given the unprecedented current profile of British sport.

Nigel Curry, director of Brand Repport told the Guardian that he expects international brands such as Gillette to quickly show interest in the Scot.

“I think it will be the big global brands, like the ones we have seen in the Olympics – the Samsungs, the Visas, the McDonald’s and Coca-Colas that go for it,” said Curry


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