Andy Murray Backs Squash 2020 Olympic Bid

September 4, 2013

US Open champion Andy Murray, who played squash before becoming a tennis star, is backing squash’s bid to be an Olympic sport in 2020.

He said on Tuesday, after advancing to the US Open quarter-finals, he will cheer on squash during an International Olympic Committee vote on Sunday in Buenos Aires.

Olympic officials will consider squash, combined baseball/softball and wrestling for the 2020 Games, with the announcement set for Sunday.

Murray supports growth in racquet sports in the Olympics lineup.

“I played it a little bit when I was younger. I used to play at our local sports club.

“I like it. I think it’s a tough sport. I think, physically, it’s very challenging. I could be wrong, but I think why it’s not on TV as much is because it almost seems like the same point is getting played.

“It’s maybe not the best spectator sport, but it’s a very difficult sport to play. You have to be extremely fit, have very good hand-eye coordination, good feel and good touch.

“It’s another racquet sport. When you play one, you like to tend to like to watch the other ones, as well. I love watching badminton, too.”

Murray is the latest big name to back squash as an Olympic sport.

In April, Andre Agassi, Kim Clijsters and Stefan Edberg followed Roger Federer in supporting squash for 2020.