Allianz Secures Naming Rights to Rapid Vienna’s New Stadium

June 9, 2014

Allianz Group Austria have secured naming rights to SK Rapid Vienna’s new stadium. 

The new stadium, which will be erected on the Gerhard-Hanappi Stadium’s current site will be known as ‘Allianz Stadium’.

“We’re thrilled that in the Allianz Group Austria we have found a long term and renowned partner. The values that we share, a commitment to long term visions with standards befitting an international stage connect us”, explained General Manager Werner Kuhn. “The Allianz Stadium will be the cutting edge stadium in Austria with an intricate viewer concept and impressive architecture – with improvements for those in the stands.”

Allianz has already given its name to five sporting arenas around the world – The Allianz Stadium in Vienna will be the sixth.

“Giving your name to a sports stadium has a significant emotional aspect: We’re thrilled to have this unique opportunity to connect our brand to the next generation Rapid stadium”, said Allianz’s Sales Director Christoph Marek. “This partnership is our contribution towards supporting one of the most traditions-rich football clubs in Austria, which makes us proud!”