Aldershot Town Supporters Call for Community Discussions to Secure Club’s Future

May 14, 2013

Aldershot Town Supporters’ Trust have called for a ‘brave and honest’ discussion between supporters and the community, to secure the future of the beleaguered club.

The Shots are in administration and Andrew Mills stepped down from his role as CEO at the beginning of the month.

Mills said he had ‘no faith’ in owner Kris Machala who was also slammed by other members of staff who described him as ‘erratic.’

The club entered administration in May just after being relegated from League Two, and the Shots Trust, after surveying the current situation, have proposed that community ownership – like that seen at AFC Wimbledon, Exeter, and Portsmouth, as well as conference clubs Wrexham and Chester – might be the way forward.

Speaking about the situation, Terry Owens, Chairman of the Shots Trust said: “Obviously the current situation is bad. We’ve been relegated and we’re in administration. What’s more, there’s a lot confusion and anger around the club and amongst fans.

“Now is the time for all of us to pull together like we did in 1992, but for a different result, because times have changed: where once we inspired people, and were pace-setters, showing the world that we wouldn’t lay down and disappear, we think it’s now time to start learning from fresh, new ideas that are out there.

“We’ve seen other ways of owning and running clubs that inspire us, and we think that supporters might now be able to learn from others and give our club a sustainable future”.