Aldershot Sign Electric Stadium Sponsorship Deal

September 9, 2013

Aldershot Town Football Club have signed Electrical Services Southern Ltd as the new stadium sponsor of The Recreation Ground.

The three-year deal means the Conference Premier side will play at the Electrical Services Stadium as recognition of the support of the Central Heating Services (CHS) group of companies.

Rob Banks, viagra 100mg Managing Director of CHS, unhealthy said: “Central Heating Services are delighted as a strong supporter of Aldershot Town Football Club and the local community to see one of our Group companies, Electrical Services Southern, take up the mantle as the main sponsor for the stadium. We are proud to state that Aldershot Town’s home will now be called the Electrical Services Stadium.

“We are wholly enthused that the East Bank will also be known as the CHS Stand, to associate our Group of companies with the Football Club but also to participate in the dream and future success of the team, whilst working within the local community.”

Electrical Services Southern serve over 35,000 social housing and 7,000 private dwellings and has over 30 years’ experience.

Aldershot Town Chairman, Shahid Azeem, said: “Aldershot Town Football Club are proud and delighted that the historic support we have enjoyed from the Central Heating Service Group has been taken to a higher level. This is excellent news from two clear points of view. The first is that it is evidence of an extremely welcome higher level of financial support from the CHS Group. This is over and above their considerable and on-going maintenance work, from which we have greatly benefited.

“The second is that it fits beautifully with our stated and firm intention of becoming a community club with much closer local ties. We are extremely grateful to the CHS Board for their fantastic help and support, and we look forward to a long period of cooperation and mutual benefit to all parties.”