AIBA sign ‘joint venture’ with AliSports

By iSportconnect | July 26, 2016

The Amateur International Boxing Association have agreed a joint venture with Alisports, discount  the sports segment of the Alibaba Group.

The venture will focus on AIBA owned IP, viagra pharmacy exclusive matches and events, asthma commercial development rights, operational funds, internet technology, big data mining and application, massive platform membership services and extended e-commerce product lines.

Dazhong Zhang, CEO of Alisports, said; “The creation of this Joint Venture aims to support the continuous development of AIBA and its competitions by bringing in our extensive expertise in internet and e-commerce.

“Our proven capacity to target hundreds of millions of clients represents an immense opportunity to promote boxing. We are confident we can achieve global progress and advancement of the sport of boxing in the world through this unparalleled collaboration.”

AIBA President Dr. Ching Kuo-Wu added: “AIBA has made remarkable progress in evolving our sport recently, and this future joint venture with a major player in the digital world will bring efficient synergies and provide the perfect platform for the promotion of our sport and our boxers,”