AFL Team Melbourne Appoint Peter Jackson as Interim CEO

April 18, 2013

Australian Football League team Melbourne have appointed Peter Jackson as their interim chief executive after Cameron Schwab stepped down.

The veteran executive was the long term head of Essendon and has consulted in the AFL and VFL since leaving the Dons.

Jackson’s appointment was ratified by the Melbourne board on Thursday and he has been handed a six-month contract, sale with businessman Geoff Freeman also accepted on the board.

“The board is the first to acknowledge that today the Club as a whole, story both on and off the field, asthma has not met the goals we set 4 years ago. This is unacceptable and must be addressed,” a club board statement said.

“The board has appointed Peter (Jackson) as an interim CEO to critically assess all aspects of our club, and he has the experience to do that. Peter will oversee the day to day operations of the club through to the end of season 2013, and he will participate in the process to select a full time CEO.

“Secondly, the board is also very pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Geoff Freeman as a Director of the Club. A lifelong supporter and Foundation Hero, Geoff brings a wealth of business experience and acumen to our Board. Geoff will have particular focus at Board level on our key relationships, particularly our sponsors and business partners.”