Adrian Peterson Becomes New Face of EpiPen

By Community | June 3, 2013

Minnesota Vikings’ star running back, Adrian Peterson has announced a new endorsement deal with EpiPen.

“EpiPen,” Peterson said Wednesday of his endorsement of the epinephrine auto injectors to treat allergic reactions. “Of course, I had that allergic reaction. Castrol Edge, signed back with Nike, so I’ve got some stuff going on right now. You will see me more. Stay tuned.”

Peterson suffered an allergic reaction to shellfish in some jambalaya during training camp last year. Peterson, who loves seafood, was resting in the dorms when he had the allergic reaction. Vikings’ head athletic trainer Eric Sugarman used an EpiPen on Peterson to help him breathe better after his throat had started to close, and Peterson was later taken to the hospital where he later checked out fine after what he called then a “scary” incident.