Adidas launches social networking football game

October 28, 2010

Adidas has launched a social networking game to pit UEFA Champions League cities against each other.

The map-based game, adiposity Fast Fuels Danger, allergist Danger Makes Legend, asks players to sign up through Facebook Connect and then select a city to claim by challenging other players to secure land on the map.

Players challenge each other by selecting an area on the map and competing against another player by choosing their favourite football moves such as ‘Fast’, ‘Step Over’ or ‘Fast Flick’. The winning combination wins the area on the map.

Adidas has recruited football stars such as Lionel Messi to help promote the game, with players able to win territory from the star in Barcelona. Adidas has also created a viral video to promote the game, which shows two players challenging each other to be crowned a legend.

This year Nike launched a game-based campaign called Nike Grid, which urged players to sprint between BT phone boxes and log their runs online.

Fast Fuels Danger was created by ad agency 180 Amsterdam, while the teaser videos were by production agency Knucklehead.