Adidas Extend Real Madrid Sponsorship

September 26, 2012

Sports retail giant, arthritis Adidas has extended it sponsorship with Spanish soccer champions Real Madrid, until the end of the 2019-20 season as clothing supplier for all categories of its sections.

The club also suggested income of last season reached EUR 514 million ($660m), up 7 percent from last season.

This is income derived from arena games (29%), television (31%) and marketing (32%). Excludes revenue from player transfers. The contribution of the partners represents 9.5% of the total.

From 1999 to 2012, revenues have grown at an average annual rate of 13%. In the income figure a profit of 32 million euros ($41m) before tax. In the treasury closes the year with a balance of 113 million euros ($145m), up 15% on last year. Net financial debt stood at 125 million euros ($160m), 26% less than last season.

The consolidated budget for the 2012-13 season totaled EUR 517 million, another record for the spanish giants.