Adidas announce record football sales

By iSportconnect | June 16, 2016


Adidas have said that it expects sales of football related products to hit a record €2.5bn this year – a sign that the company’s recent stragegy rethink is coming off.

Adidas has started using a newsroom to increase the amount of content it produces – which seems to be resonating well. They expect a rise of 14% in 2016 after a strong first quarter.

The company also thought they had edged ahead of Nike in sales of football boots – increasing its market share to 36 per cent in the top five European markets.

Football products contribute about 13 per cent of Adidas’ total revenue.

Of the 24 teams playing in Euro 2016, nine are partners of Adidas, including defending champion Spain and World Cup winners Germany. In comparison, Nike has six teams, including hosts France and England, while Puma has five, including Italy.