Acer Yet to Decide on Olympic Sponsorship

By Community | August 1, 2012

Taiwanese computer company Acer has yet to confrm whether or not it will remain in the TOP Olympic sponsorship program once its current contract expires at the conclusion of the London Games.

Acer joined the highest Olympic sponsorship level after the 2008 Beijing and replaced Lenovo as a sponsor of the computer category.

Industry insiders believe Acer is concerned about the structure of the Olympic TOP program because it inludes other major electronics companies like Samsung and Panasonic, shop which sponsor the wireless devices category and audio/visual category.

The fast pace of technology development has meant  protected categories that were established in 2008, are beginning to overlap.

The Olympic movement may consider restructuring the programme.

Acer is likely to indicate its future Olympic sponsorship intentions after the London Games. {jcomments on}