ACCU-GRIP to Sponsor US Rifle’s Anette Wachter

September 4, 2013

ACCU-GRIP, an adjustable pistol-grips brand, has announced its sponsorship of international long-range shooting champion and US Rifle member, Anette Wachter.

“I’m thrilled about the recent sponsorship opportunity with ACCU-GRIP as I’ve been using the grip in my most recent shooting competitions. Before, with my JP rifle I had to think about my gripping since this rifle doesn’t adjust in distance and I have long fingers. With ACCU-GRIP, my gripping becomes instinctual and makes my shooting more accurate; I love it. I have the Tri-Cities 3-Gun and Custer Toys for Tots competitions coming up and you’ll be able to see my improved accuracy,” said Wachter.

ACCU-GRIP is an adjustable two-piece assembly grip for AR15 and AK47 rifle platforms that enables the distance from grip to trigger to be precisely adapted to any shooter’s hand.