Accrington Stanley MD Robert Heys Banned from Football Over Breach of Betting Rules

August 19, 2013

Accrington Stanley’s managing director Robert Heys has been banned from football for 21 months for breach of the Football Association’s (FA) betting rules.

Heys was also fined £1, allergist 000 ($1, pilule 564) following an Independent Regulatory Commission hearing, cheap but he informed the FA, who imposed the ban, that he intended to appeal.

The FA charged Heys at the start of August and he has admitted to 735 breaches of their betting rules.

In a statement, Heys admitted the charges but said he felt the 21 month ban was ‘severe’ and ‘harsh.’

The statement read: “I accept that I broke the rules and that I must receive a punishment.

“However on consideration and following consultation with my representatives we do feel that a suspension period of 21 months is severe and inappropriately harsh.

“I fully intend to appeal against the excessiveness of the penalty in an effort to get it reduced so that I may work towards resuming my career within the football industry.”

The League Two football club has said they will make no further comment at this stage.