AC Milan Ink Fujitsu Partnership

By Community | February 12, 2014

Japanese technology company Fujitsu have announced a partnership with AC Milan.

Milan’s representative Franco Baresi commented: “Milan is very well known in Japan and we have a bond with Japan after some historic moments in the country. This collaboration with Fujitsu will strengthen our positive image in Japan as well as benefiting Fujitsu’s market presence.”

Milan’s head of sales, Mauro Tavola, also said: “Milan is an international brand and is ambitious to grow. The Japanese market is very important. After the arrival of Honda, it’s not simply by chance that a Japanese company is about to begin a partnership with us at the club. There is great compatibility between Milan and Fujitsu, in terms of our colours and success. We’ve agreed, thanks also to our partnership with Infront, a collaboration that will last 3 years. We have lots of initiatives in mind in addition to putting the two brands together. Milan is a world-wide brand and the fame and popularity of our players across the globe helps with our entrance into new markets and finding new sources of revenue through sponsorship.”

Managing Director of Tata Fujitsu Massimo Signor, added: “In recent years Fujitsu, as a world-wide brand, has paid great attention to the Italian market. It became easy to choose Milan as our partner because of its history and for its visibility on an international scale. In terms of air conditioners, the Japanse brands are the top of the range.

“We have high expectations from this agreement. The length is for three years which will allow us to concentrate on our target market and let’s hope that this early agreement will lead to a lengthy and lasting partnership. Through football we want to reach our customers. In terms of success and visibility, Milan is the number one brand in Italy and that’s why we have chosen them for this new adventure.”