ABC Consortium Submit Revised Bid for Bradford Bulls

By Community | July 28, 2012

The ABC consortium have submitted a revised bid for financially striken Bradford Bulls.

The Rugby Football League rejected the initial bid from the ABC consortium because of the strings attached, but revealed that the same group had re-submitted a modified offer and it was being considered.

Meanwhile, Brendan Guilfoyle, the joint administrator in charge of the Bulls, said he would extend Friday’s deadline to find a buyer if the RFL agree to find the money to pay the next monthly wages, thought to be in excess of £200,000.

Guilfoyle, who was appointed on June 26, originally gave himself a fortnight to avoid liquidating the club but put the deadline back to July 10. After receiving firm interest from the ABC consortium, Guilfoyle then agreed to set a new deadline of July 27 on condition that the RFL agreed to advance money to cover the monthly wage bill which they did.

Guilfoyle, partner at Leeds-based P&A Partnership, said: “The only way I can take the Bulls into next month is if the RFL help by paying the wages bill. Today is the administrators’ deadline to save the Bulls and I don’t have an offer for the club which is acceptable to the RFL. If the RFL can help me to buy a little more time then I can try to bring an acceptable deal to the table.”

The RFL have yet to consider the latest request but have consistently said they would do all in their power to ensure the club see out the rest of the Super League season.

However, they have also maintained they are not in a position to guarantee the Bulls’ place in Super League from 2013 and have not agreed to sell back the lease to the Odsal Stadium – the two conditions laid down by the ABC consortium. A statement issued by the RFL on Friday afternoon hinted at a relaxation of the stance adopted by the consortium.

The statement read: “Whilst the RFL remains hopeful that new owners for the club can be found and is receptive to constructive approaches from interested parties, the governing body is still unable to consider conditional offers.

“The RFL will continue to work with the administrator to achieve our shared aim of finding new owners for Bradford Bulls and will continue to be flexible in its approach to discussions with prospective owners.”

The RFL have yet to receive details of a rival bid fronted by Bradford South MP Gerry Sutcliffe, a former sports minister.