A-League to Consider Asian Expansion

October 9, 2013

The A-League could look to expand into Asia, when it increases its size beyond the current 10 club structure.

The Australian league will continue to feature 10 clubs for the next four seasons, before looking at expanding when the next television deal is negotiated.

Speaking at the launch of the upcoming season in Melbourne, Damien de Bohun, the head of the A-League, said: “There’s no reason why you can’t look seriously at games and even certainly clubs being based in different parts of Asia.

“Perth Glory played a game in Malaysia, just outside of Singapore, a pre-season match, they had 27,000 people there.

“They built a brand new stadium with a roof there that holds 50,000 that they want to play a club out of and they’re meeting with us on that.”

De Bohun also pointed out that Australia’s hosting of the Asian Cup in January 2015 meant that certain A-League games would not be able to take place in their regular venues, which would provide an opportunity to look at playing games in Asia.

He added: “We have had active discussions with places like Singapore, like Indonesia, I was down in Hobart with Melbourne Victory last week, that’s another option.”