2019: Monterosa Gears Up For Another Big Year Of Fan Engagement

By Jonathan Casbon | December 21, 2018


Fans around the world are winding down and preparing to enjoy the festive season, but here at Monterosa we’re gearing up for a busy start to the new year.

As brands define how their budgets should be spent over the next 12 months, we’re being asked more and more about engaging fans outside of the main season and event days.

This is partly down to sponsors being more demanding when it comes to ROI – a challenge that is heightened by GDPR and the desire to own the direct fan relationship.

We’ve noticed a few interesting trends

  • A new approach to activation – sponsors are expecting rightsholders to provide value from Day 1 with creative always-on fan engagement strategies.
  • There is more investment going into international and localised experiences, to reach global audiences. Fans are everywhere, sports teams and leagues are finding ways to adapt to that.
  • Generally speaking, exclusive rights and assets are being put to better use, although there’s still a long way to go.
  • GDPR has meant more emphasis on data capture, with a greater understanding of the value exchange with fans.

How we’ve seen this in action during 2018

  • The expansion of the Player of the Month (POTM) fan vote, which we power for EA SPORTS. Learning from the Premier League experience, EA SPORTS has worked closely with the Bundesliga to present its POTM award for the first time, creating new, special moments for fans across the globe.
  • VIACOM’s exciting use of AR in the US has helped it stand out and engage fans, resulting in audience retention rates of up to 98% for Nickelodeon shows.
  • Broadcasters, such as Sky Italia and ITV, are taking more interest in engaging fans before and after live shows and events, extending the time spent connecting with key target audiences and the value extracted for commercial partners.

What we expect to see in the next 12 months

In 2019, we expect to see even more of a focus on OTT, but with a shift to next-step digital initiatives in the second half of the year. With greater developments in the underlying streaming technology, providers will look towards ways of integrating new experiences that set them apart.

As the US betting market opens up, interactive technology and gamification will become key components in the race for fan registrations.

Based on the interest we’ve received already, we’re going to see an increase in interactive video – live mobile game shows, talk shows, and anything else that leverages talent as a way of engaging fans in huge volumes outside of game time.

Here’s to another amazing year of fan engagement.

On behalf of everyone at Monterosa, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!