2015 SEA Games Organisers Set USD40 Million Sponsorship Target

October 4, 2013

Despite the 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games being two years away, organisers Singapore Southeast Asian Games Organising  Committee (SINGSOC) are already deep in discussions with companies looking to sponsor the region’s largest multi-sport extravaganza

The organisers have set their  sights on attracting some S$50 million (US$40 mn) in both cash and value-in-kind sponsorships. Organisers also highlighted that forging long term partnerships with businesses beyond the games is also a key priority. 

Richard  Seow,  Chairman  of  the  28th SEA  Games  Sponsorship  and Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee, said: “We are pleased by the interest we are seeing in our preliminary discussions with potential sponsors across a wide range of industries from MNCs to SMEs. Having gotten feedback from a good cross section of corporate leaders, many have shared their excitement for the SEA Games being hosted by Singapore again.

“Corporate branding and sponsorship for the SEA Games with a potential audience of 600 million presents compelling opportunities for local, regional and international corporations. The event’s regional profile which will take place during Singapore’s 50th anniversary celebrations and the opportunity for long term brand building topped the list of reasons why they see potential in sponsoring the games. Several corporates are also keen to see how we can customise sponsorship packages so that they can realise the benefits up to and after the SEA Games by using sport as a vehicle to enhance their brand image and activate their marketing or CSR programmes.”

Opportunities to sponsor specific sports or venues during the SEA Games and extending beyond that are available to sponsors who wish to tailor their sponsorship for the long term.

Chaly  Mah,  Chief  Executive  Officer,  Deloitte  Asia  Pacific  and  a member of the SINGSOC  Sponsorship and Marketing Advisory Sub-Committee, said: “Over the years, more companies are seeing sport as a multi dimensional vehicle that is able to connect them with their consumers at the personal and emotional level. For example, companies such as Singtel and DBS Bank have provided long term support for signature sports events like the Formula One and dragon boat race respectively that have become imprinted in people’s minds over the years.

“The Return On Investment in sports sponsorship grows exponentially over time as these companies use sports to grow market share and enhance their brand equity. Companies looking at sponsoring the 2015 SEA Games should also consider continuing their involvement in sports beyond the games. They may want to see how they   could  spearhead   an   annual   signature   sports   event   that   can   become synonymous with their brand.”

The 28th  SEA Games is expected to be one of the biggest regional sports events in 2015.