2012 GB Trials Unlikely to be Held at Olympic Stadium

February 24, 2011

According to UK Athletics, the 2012 British trials, that will decide Great Britain’s Olympic team for next summer, logistical issues will mean that the event will almost certainly not be held at the Olympic Stadium.

The governing body described the trials as being ‘very unlikely’ to go ahead at the new Stadium. Despite the interior of the Stadium currently being fitted, the issue which is likely to prevent any plans to host the trials at the new venue is with regards to the preparations for the Olympic Games opening ceremony.

The trials are likely to be held as close to the Games as possible in order to select the in-form and fit athletes and UK Athletics chairman Ed Warner said: “What you’re likely to see is a non-elite athletics event as the first test event in the spring of 2012 and then a number of opportunities for Britain’s athletes to train in the stadium.”

The first event scheduled inside the Stadium is the 2012 British Universities Championships.