2012 AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships to Be Streamed on YouTube

By Community | December 6, 2012

AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships Yerevan 2012 Semi-finals and Finals to are to be broadcast live on YouTube

Taking place in the Armenian capital, cialis Yerevan, no rx the 2012 AIBA Youth World BoxingChampionships has brought together the very best boxers aged 17 and 18 from around the globe. This edition saw over 360 athletes from 70 countries participate. As the competition heats up in the race to see who is crowned AIBA Youth World Champion, we are pleased to be able to bring you LIVE coverage from the tournament via our YouTube channel.

Held at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex, located on the Tsitsernakaberd Hill which dominates the Western part of Yerevan, the competition has seen boxers displaying amazing skills throughout the past six days of action.

“This AIBA Youth World Boxing Championships Yerevan 2012 is already the tenth AIBA competition we streamed through AIBAboxingtv.com and we will carry on this way in the next years. We are delighted to witness how passionate boxing fans are and it is AIBA’s mission to bring the sport of boxing to the widest audience possible,” AIBA president Dr Ching Kuo-Wu told iSportconnect.

Boxers have been battling it out for one of the most prestigious prize in boxing. Who will make history and be crowned AIBA Youth World Champion? Follow the climactic end to this electric competition as the future stars of the sport look to make their mark on the world stage, all LIVE on www.AIBAboxingtv.com.