2011 CBA All-Star Game delivers record TV audience

March 30, 2011

The 2011 Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) All-Star Game, medical which took place on 20 March at the MasterCard Centre in Beijing, check has achieved a record television audience. It has more than fulfilled its promise to its commercial partners and is now
clearly established as a highlight of China’s sporting year and one of the top sports media platforms in China.

Five networks aired the game live: CCTV-5, cialis generic China’s national sports channel, Beijing TV-6, Guangdong Sports, Jiangsu Sports and Shenzhen Sports. Based on the TV ratings from CSM Media Research, over 65 million Chinese have watched at least part of the Sunday All-Star game on any channel, with the vast majority – 57 million – watching the game on CCTV-5. During the entire week-end, a record cumulative
audience of 108 million switched on to the CBA All-Star programming.

Pierre Justo, Managing Director of CSM-KantarSport, said: “These excellent TV viewing figures are a proof of the increased appeal of the CBA in China. Compared to 2010, the CBA All-Star Game’s average TV ratings jumped an impressive 31% and the cumulative audience for the entire All-Star weekend passed 100 million. Based on these excellent numbers, I believe that Sunday’s CBA All-Star game will be well-placed to make it into the charts as one of the top TV sports events in China in 2011.’’

Ma Guoli, Managing Director of Infront China said: “We are delighted that we have been able to provide fans and sponsors of this year’s CBA All-Star Game with increased television exposure — both in quality and quantity — thus making basketball more accessible and creating a stronger communication platform.“