11th Edition of the SPORSORA Sports Marketing Trophies

January 15, 2015

In order to compare ourselves to the best initiatives of the sport market, to increase our visibility and to value our performance…

The Trophies date launch is approaching … Announcers, agencies, rights holders, media, have you led a striking sport marketing campaign in 2014? We invite you to start the competition and to participate for the 11th edition of the SPORSORA sports marketing Trophies.

This year, the jury will be chaired by Bernard Lapasset, President of the World Rugby and of the French committee of the international sport (CFSI). It will be composed of:

– Franck CAUDRELIER, Digital strategy and Social medias consultant
– Pierre-Paul COCHET, Director of institutional relations, Sponsoring, LCL
– Xavier COUTURE, Consultant
– Laurent DELANNEY, Sales director for ATP, ATP Europe president
– Sébastien FOUCRAS, associate director, Founder of Etoiles du Sport, Alizeum
– Emmanuel FRATTALI, Chief Editor, Sponsoring.fr
– Frédérique GALAMETZ, Chief Editor, L’Equipe
– Frédérique JOSSINET, Feminization federal plan coordinator, FFF
– France KAMM, Head of public relations , Rolex
– Jean LEVY, French sport ambassador
– Béatrice ROUX, Head of Marketing, communication and development, L’Equipe
– Adèle STERN, « Etoile du Sport » 2013, Pentathlete
– Jean-Claude VIDAL, Educational director MBA, SMS ; Director of Arène Evénements


– 26 November: deadline for submitting the application
– 2 December: Evaluation of cases held by experts ‘committee deadline for submitting the application
– January 2015: Online vote
– 9 February 2015: Ceremony of the 11th edition of the SPORSORA sports marketing Trophies.


4 category pre-selected by experts’ committee and subdued to the vote on the internet

Sponsor of the year 

This category crowns the announcer who succeeds to develop the partnership whose is the most in adequacy with the strategic and tactic objectives. The prize-winning approach will be the most creative, the most transverse, the most accomplished, the most responsible and the most respectful of the sports organization or athlete values. This partnership will have allowed the sport organization or the athlete to build up his radiation and his visibility.

Marketing strategy of a rights holder 

This category reward the sportsman or the private or public organization who has deployed the most creative, the most accomplished, the most efficient, the most responsible marketing strategy. The rights holder who managed the best to distance the others and to develop one or several of his markets will be valued. ( For example : Followers, license holders, spectators, sponsors, clubs, regions with a measure of autonomy, media).

Activation around a sport event. 

This category crowns the announcer who organized the activation of the most original, the most responsible and the most impressive marketing campaign (Advertising activation, commercial activation, digital activation, interns communication). A part of the activation can be primed without a notion of duration. This category concern the marketing of sports in the broad sense including the marketing ambush.

Editorial processing and innovation media

This category will award as well a media, a rights holder, an announcer or a person receiving provider. The winner will have known how to develop an original and forceful editorial content or a technologically innovative platform. There must be a link with a sport event, the actuality or a athlete. The innovation will be valued in terms of both content and form. She will have served as well the interest of his autor and those of his target.

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About Sporsora

The sport represents a major social and societal stake, and an engine of economic growth. Conscious of their responsibility, the players of the sport economy created SPORSORA in 1994, an interprofessional association in the service of the general interest.

Created in 1994, SPORSORA is a unique organization which brings together the French leading experts in Sports business & Sports marketing in France.

We concentrate our field of expertise on the social & economic impact of Sports investment through sponsorship, media rights, major events, and betting.

Our members and partners include key stakeholders such as brands, agencies, medias, event organizers, infrastructure owners, sports associations, cities and government, i.e. more than 160 companies and 600 people.

SPORSORA aims to improve communication, marketing and innovation in Sports by addressing real issues and providing leading services, events, skills, networks and knowledge.

Each year we organize workshops, conferences and networking events such as the “Sports Economic Forum” and the “Sports Marketing Awards” in Paris, and we produce different tools such as guidelines, data, surveys, press release and newsletters.