Historic NRL Deal Should Put Clubs on Solid Financial Ground

By Community | August 23, 2012

National Rugby League (NRL) clubs have every chance of becoming profitable businesses on the back of the AU$1 billion broadcast deal struck with Fox Sports and Nine.

That is the view of David Trodden, the NRL’s Club Council spokesman, who believes that the 15 clubs who have been operating at a loss, now have the chance to make money.

As reported on Tuesday, the NRL signed a deal with the broadcasters, worth AU$1.025 billion (US$1.08 billion), which included cash and advertising components.

Speaking to an Australian newspaper, Trodden expressed his hope for the deal: “There was always a view in club land about the TV deal delivering long-term financial viability for the clubs and the game. I think that this deal will do that.

“Fifteen out of 16 clubs have been operating at a loss and I think that this provides an opportunity for 16 of the 16 clubs to be on a solid financial footing and not make losses any more.

“It’s a pivotal moment in the history of the game.”