MLB World Series

World Series Ratings Drop

October 30, 2018

Television viewing of the MLB World Series which ended on Sunday dropped significantly in the USA from 2017 despite the involvement of famous teams from major markets.

Over five games on Fox, the series between the Boston Red Sox and Los Angeles Dodgers 2018 averaged 14.3 million viewers, a drop of 23% versus the average of 18.7 million over seven games (Dodgers versus the Houston Astros) on the same network in 2017.

The digital streaming audience averaged overall 198,000 per minute, up 9% from 2017’s average of 182,000.

This year’s broadcast average audience was the lowest since the San Francisco Giants and the Kansas City Royals averaged 13.9 million viewers over seven games in 2014.

The Red Sox victory to claim the baseball championship in Game 5 was the most-watched in 2018, averaging 17.6 million viewers.

MLB World Series