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World Golf Group Reveals Proposal For Competitor Tour, The Premier Golf League

January 27, 2020

Plans for a potential Premier Golf League have now been revealed by the company behind the creation, World Golf Group.

World Golf Group are aiming to start a new tour which would compete with both the PGA Tour and European Tour, with each tournament’s prize money exceeding $10 million.

However, they state that Premier Golf League would like to work with both tours in order to make this happen, while both current organisations have refused to engage with this possible competition.

The PGA Tour told Reuters: “We don’t comment on the business of other tours, real or hypothetical. We’re focused on our business.”

Premier Golf League said in a statement: “If you want the world to watch, you have to showcase your best product, week-in-week-out. Golf doesn’t do that currently.”

“If you had the chance to start again you wouldn’t create professional golf as it exists today. The League is that chance.

“We believe we’ll succeed because the League is what fans, sponsors and broadcasters want — and the best players deserve. It will revitalise the sport for this and future generations.”

European Tour Golf PGA Tour Premier Golf League The European